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Rainforest Aromatherapy Massage

Ideal for first time spa visitors, this full body massage allows, in particular, to choose from mixtures of aromatic fragrances of essential oils that meet their individual needs. The massage combines the light to medium pressure and long gliding strokes to reduce tension, relieve sore muscles and increase circulation.


60 – 90 minutes

Deep tissue

By focusing on specific areas, flexibility our therapeutic massage using elbows and forearms for more pressure and a variety of techniques to promote healing of wounds and tense muscles, and increased range of motion and members. This massage is ideal after a strenuous workout or for those who get frequent massages.

60 – 90 minutes

Bamboo Natural Healing

Our deep massage and is known for its natural healing properties. Use freshly cut bamboo of different diameters and lengths, deep pressure massage reduces stress, relieves muscle tension and
tendons and stimulates circulation of blood and lymph, naturally healing the body and mind.

60 – 90 minutes

Costa Rica, with hot stones

This massage is influenced by the traditions of the indigenous people of our country. The ancient art includes precise placement of rivers, soft volcanic hot stones on the body. The medium pressure massage combines the elements of fire, water and earth, bringing a great relief for muscle tension, stress and emotions tired mind.

90 Minutes

Mom-to-be massage during pregnancy

Designed for pregnant women, this massage combines pressure with mild to moderate stretch. It is recommended for women in their second and third quarter alone, this therapy focuses on the comfort of the mother-to-be. It has been found to reduce stress, decrease swelling in the arms and legs, pain in muscles and joints.

60 – 90 minutes

Papagayo reflexology

An excellent choice for hikers and golfers, this therapeutic treatment begins with a cleansing and exfoliation of the feet and legs, with pure volcanic sand of Costa Rica. After a relaxing and refreshing air is a pressure point massage with hot stones and nutrients for maximum benefits acuporessure tools. Four seasons in experienced hands, each tension disappears.

60 Minutes

To relieve back and neck pain

Feel the tension in your back, neck and shoulders. After a long day of travel or a round of golf is a great way to relax and to ensure your comfort as you cherish your time here in Costa Rica.

45 Minutes


This ancient form of massage practiced for over 2500 years, is carried out on a large mat and uses a combination of Thai massage techniques and stretching to lengthen the oppression and liberation of the body
with continuous movements. Benefits include improved circulation,
flexibility and improve overall health. For this massage, which is
done without oils or lotions, customers bring their own wholesale clothing.

120 minutes

In-room massage

Add $ 75 the price of treatment.


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